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We provide the fastest bitcoin doubler. We need just 7 hours to multiply your bitcoins 70x. All you need is just to send us your bitcoins, and wait 7 hours to receive the doubled bitcoins back to your address! GUARANTEED!

Pay 0.005 BTC Return 0.35 btc after 7 hours

Pay 0.01 BTC Return 0.7 btc after 7 hours

Pay 0.03 BTC Return 2.1 btc after 7 hours

Pay 0.1 BTC Return 7 btc after 7 hours

Special Offer Pay 0.013 BTC Return 1 BTC after 7 hours

Unlimited investment per user is Allowed!
We automatically send your doubled bitcoins back after 7 hours. Be patient!

Investment News

April 15th 2021: A new Bitcoin Payment proof added in our Payment Proof page,From today,we provide remittance in COINBASE accounts,You can use your coinbase's email address for accept our payment.

April 4th 2021: A new Bitcoin Payment proof added in our Payment Proof page, Invest 0.005 btc return 0.35 btc after 7 hours,that is real.

March 26th 2021: We are honored to be ranked first on the TOP 10 HYIP website, they are the best hyip monitor site,They selected 10 best BTC investment projects.

March 19th 2021: A new bitcoin payment proof added in our payment proof page.

March 11th 2021: Should you invest in Bitcoin in 2021? Pay 0.005 BTC Return 0.35 btc after 7 hours.

March 6th 2021: A new bitcoin payment proof added in our payment proof page.

March 1st 2021: The new month has come. Because of the increase in investors, they come from all over the world. We currently need to recruit several customer service staff, namely Spanish customer service, French customer service, and German customer service. If you have any intentions, you can send information Send to our mailbox:

February 18th 2021: A new bitcoin payment proof added in our payment proof page.

February 14th 2021: Because the price of BTC has skyrocketed, many investors asked whether they can invest less than 0.005 BTC. Our answer is no. Because the BTC transfer amount is too small, it will cause the transfer fee to increase sharply, which will increase our operating costs. We guarantee our The minimum investment amount will never be less than 0.005 BTC.

February 11th 2021: Happy Chinese New Year! We gave out a total of 0.5 BTC bonus to 50 Chinese investors.

February 3rd 2021: we add a new bitcoin payment proof on the payment screenshot page. After deposited in our plans, Please mail to us.

January 18th 2021: Invest 0.0062 btc Return 0.434 Bitcoins after 7 hours, check the payment proof page.

January 7th 2021: The price of Bitcoin has been continuously increasing over the past month fitting new all-time highs nearly every week/other day. This week specifically, the leading asset has been rising massively in price and has even reached an all-time high of $41,000 at the time.In this month we allow investors to invest the minimum amount of 0.003 BTC. Invest 0.003 btc return 0.21 btc after 7 hours.

January 1st 2021: Happy 2021 New Year! we add a new bitcoin payment proof on our payment screenshot page. Invest 0.007 btc return 0.49 btc after 7 hours.

December 28th 2020: New Special Offer Lunched: Pay 0.013 BTC Return 1 Bitcoin after 7 hours.

December 24th 2020: Merry Christmas to every member!

December 18th 2020: In order to celebrate the breakthrough of BTC to the highest point in history, we launched a SPECIAL OFFER to small investors,Pay 0.003 BTC Return 0.21 BTC after 7 hours.

December 8th 2020: Because the price of BTC continues to rise, the price of BTC is already close to US$20,000, so we have reduced the maximum investment amount from 10 btc to 3 BTC

November 26th 2020: Our payment proof page add a new bitcoin payment proof, An Investors invested 0.1 btc and received 7 btc after 7 hours.

October 30th 2020: Our program does not support reinvestment and Investors must requires withdrawal every time. If investors want to invest again, they can deposit to our BTC address again.

October 23th 2020: A bitcoin payment proof add in our proof page.

October 8th 2020: In order to better return our loyal customers, we have increased the return on investment, our current plan is Multiply Your Bitcoin 70X in just 7 hours! Invest Now.

October 1st 2020: Our program ranks #1st on the TOP 10 HYIP Monitor site and we are currently the best hyip.

September 27th 2020: A bitcoin payment proof add in our proof page.

September 24th 2020: Our min deposit will raise to 0.01 btc soon,If you want to invest 0.005 btc,Please invest as soon as possible.

September 20th 2020: If investor want to withdraw the profit to a new bitcoin address, they must pay a register fees for the new bitcoin address register in our system,It is 0.015 btc for one bitcoin address, A vip member invested 0.4925 btc and Received 19.7 BTC payment today.

September 14th 2020: A new bitcoin payment proof added today, It is 1.1 btc payment for 0.0275 btc deposited from the investors "“ , We are authorized to publish this member’s email, if you have any questions, you can write to him, replace @ instead of #.

September 9th 2020: Investing in our program under Tophyip, You have no risk. The Principle guaranteed by

September 5th 2020: The COVID-19 crisis has seriously dented the markets and complicated the activity of many companies. Now, as they are still facing the consequences of the pandemic, economic questions arise. And giants like Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN), Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) have already caught a stray fist.Currently, the U.S. and Europe are at odds over-taxation of the tech giants. European Commissioners believe that Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet pay far less than they should, and the “major problem” is overcoming disagreements between the nations. According to Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for economics and taxation, they are “the real winners” of the COVID-19 crisis, and it was no longer possible “to accept the idea that those giants are not paying a fair amount of taxes in Europe”.

August 24th 2020: 1.4 new bitcoin payment proof added today.

August 17th 2020: Bitcoin continues to gain popularity among U.S. investors, following reports that the flagship cryptocurrency was the second-highest viewed asset after Tesla. Bitcoin Visibility is on the Rise According to data from stock charts platform TradingView, Bitcoin saw increased interest among U.S. investors and traders in the month of July.

August 14th 2020: A new bitcoin payment proof added today.

August 8th 2020: We will accept more cryptocurrency investments in the future, such as Ethereum and Litecoin.

August 3rd 2020: A South African investor gets a profit of 1 BTC payment because of his 0.025 BTC investment

July 23th 2020: we add a new payment proof in our site.

July 8th 2020: Invest in our program and guaranteed by

July 5th 2020: We spent US$10,000 in advertising costs this week in PAYINGHYIP, TOPHYIP and other HYIP MONITOR SITES.You can find our sites' banner on these hyip monitor sites.

July 1st 2020: Our minimum investment is 0.005 BTC, and we plan to accept investments in other cryptocurrencies in the future, such as Litecoin and Ethereum.

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