How It Works?

    Our Slogan: Profit First! Automated Direct Payment!
  • Profit First
  • Your profit will be paid after your deposit made.
  • No need to wait until investment expires.
  • The expected time of this process is from 5 minutes to 48 hours.
  • Your principal returned after investment expiration.

  • Automated Direct Payment
  • We are using a automated payment system.
  • We pay directly to your E-currency account.
  • No need to make withdraw request.
  • You will be paid after deposit(s) made and upon deposit(s) expiration.

    Our Feature: Profit First! Two payments for each deposit!


  • #1, You deposit $5000 to our "Bitcoin 7 - Your worldwide investment Specialists. 1240% in 48 hours, you will be paid $5000*1240%=$62000 Net Profit to your Perfect Money account within 48 hours right after you make the deposit.
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